Terms and conditions "Projektschmiede"

Participation is free of charge

Who can submit an idea for a cultural project?

All young and creative people between 14 and 25 years are eligible. The only premise is that you live in any of the following communities or surrounding villages:

  • Medebach
  • Brilon
  • Olsberg
  • Hallenberg
  • Winterberg
  • Marsberg

Deadline for submission of project ideas is December 31, 2018:

Your projects can be implemented immediately. If you submit a project today we can talk about it tomorrow, so you can start the implementation the day after tomorrow.

What can be submitted?

You can submit any ideas for cultural projects at first. Your project ideas can be fully detached from your school. Here are just some examples:

  • Art and culture: Curate your own exhibition, do a fashion show, a living room concert or a party on a forest glade.
  • Sports: organize a soccer tournament, skateboard contest, e-sports competition, or a theme night for a fully unknown sport
  • Society: get a fair trade kiosk going, or a reading circle, the creation of a place of encounter, a repair-workshop, etc.

...and so on. Your fantasy is not restricted and you can let of steam creatively.

How much money can we get from sponsorship?

The aid money comes to 65% from european sponsorship and is to 35% co-financed by the particular community. A single project can be provided with 2.000 Euro. All togheter we can realize 12 projects.

Will all projects be funded?

All submitted ideas will be checked by us, the Ensible e.V.. We will decide which project we support with which amount of money. Amongst other things following criteria will play a role for our decision:

  • Realizability of the idea within the available financial frame (maximum 2.000 Euro)
  • Social benefit: Does your project create a social benefit for your community or other people?
  • Social responsibility: Does your project send a positive message to your fellow human beings

Every participant is liable not to submit illegal, rough obnoxious, pornographic or extremistic content.

Legal Remedy

Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.


Participation of a organization workshop day

If your project idea is funded by us, you have to participate on a organization workshop by us.

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